Tribal Wars 2tribal wars 2

F2P Tribal Wars 2 is a game that is mostly what it sounds like –it is an F2P title (hence has premium content), and you go about building a tribe of your own. Tribe here is a very loosely used term –you actually build something that looks a lot closer to a medieval empire –complete with castles, villages, and guys sporting armor, swords, as well as thick mustaches and beards. It looks pretty good and decent for a browser based game, and there’s a lot of content to be had. But it is not exactly the most innovative of castle war games other than the fact that this is as good as any alternative to the more over-populated titles like Clash of Clans.

Forge of Empiresforge of empires

At first glance, Forge of Empires looks very promising –sure, the visuals seem a bit dated, but will certainly spark a sense of nostalgia and familiarity for folks who grew up on games like Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic. The repeating textures, grid-based isometric layout, and even the small character portraits that pop up in the menus speak of the older 90's era PC-desktop clickers that many last-gen players grew up on. While it looks like it belongs in one era, Forge of Empires actually packs the extremely modern playstyle of this generation's mobile game F2P mechanics –and that is not entirely a good thing.

Sieger 2: Rebuilt to DestroySieger 2: Rebuilt to Destroy

Sieger 2: Rebuilt is a much recommended castle fight game since it is so straightforward that it does not waste a single second of your time with pointless content: you play the game and you are instantly armed with projectiles to throw at castles. No trajectories or launch strengths or even complex angles, you click, you fire, it hits. Shots land where you want them to, and with absolute accuracy. The game's challenge lies solely on two factors: where you want to shoot, and what you shoot with. This is a castle destruction game that you should certainly try out.

Castle Wars 2Castle Wars 2

Castle Wars 2 is a card based combat game where players must be able to build their castle while attacking their opponents. It is a tricky game to play, with lots of intricate elements all woven into play –and it is completely free for everyone. The only catch is that the single player mode suffers a bit of a difficulty problem, but for online multiplayer, since everyone gets access to all the same cards, battle are based on skill, the ability of a player to create a well-adapted deck, and plenty of luck on the draw.

Crush the Castle 2Crush the Castle 2

Angry Birds may be famous across the world for its gameplay and aesthetics, but for some of us, we need something that does not so silly when we play –and no, the appeal of those birds and pigs is certainly not universal. This is why games like Crush the Castle still rock –because they play well, and they look good. Crush the Castle 2 in particular, looks pretty good despite the fact that it is a humble, free to play, browser based flash game. It is pretty old too, but the game has aged nicely and plays like a charm.