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It is easy to see why castles tend to be romanticized so much. As structures they are big, imposing, and at the same time, magnificent and awe-inspiring. As symbols of history, they mark a long-gone age that leaves us all swirling in a mix of medieval myths and facts. This is why it is not surprising to see so many games focused on the era, and more particularly around the whole concept of having your own castle to build, kingdom to rule, army to march, and realms to conquer. This is our guide to the best castle building games.

Top Castle Building Games

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal War 2 is the perfect substitute to the more famous Clash of Clans. No silly animations, no cartoony characters –Tribal Wars 2 is all serious up front, the visuals have a more nuanced and realistic approach and the character portraits feel like they belong in old high fantasy books. Gameplay-wise, this is the F2P castle building game that anyone should be familiar with. Gather resources, build structures, the gather even more resources. Once you have enough stuff, you can start building an army and expanding your territory. Nothing new, but still a well polished game that focuses heavily on the multiplayer aspect –Tribal Wars 2 is a great browser game for anyone looking for time to kill.

Forge of Empires

FoE may be bogged down by freemium content (much like Tribal Wars 2), but it still delivers a pretty fun gaming experience. The upgrade system is intuitive and easy to figure out –all you need to do is to gather all the prerequisite resources to progress. While the game has a good castle building system, the best parts of the game are when you deal with other players. Combat in Forge of Empires is a solid gaming experience, and while some matches can be very one-sided, there is still a very strong emphasis on skill.

Good Game Empires

This is the browser game you open when you want to impress people about how simple browser games can look so good. Good Game Empires has impressively well made animations. They are smooth and nicely detailed, but they are also small and practical –just enough to make the game visually appealing, but not too intensive as to bog down the gameplay experience. As for the actual castle building itself, there is not much here that has not been done before, but that’s still a good familiar territory for fans of the genre. And best of all, you get to do it all in a game that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Medieval II: Total War

This impressive sequel to the Medieval series of Total War moves further away from the original era of Rome: Total War. Focusing mostly on the Age of Chivalry, this new Total War game allows you to watch are entire companies of fully armored knights come charging down the battlefields aboard mighty warhorses. The game is carefully paced –balancing the slow and deliberate approach of a turn based system with the frantic and deep action that the combat sequences provide. It looks grand and plays amazingly well too, and this is why the Total War series will always be appreciated by strategy players.

Age of Empires II HD

When it comes to old school castle building games, Age of Empires II is a must-play. mThis is why the HD remake is nothing short of a godsend. Aside from saving us all from having to figure out how to configure compatibility, the updated visuals look great upscaled on larger, high-res monitors. AoE2 is a real time strategy game that allows you to pick from 18 civilizations that you will control, grow, and use to conquer the game. It is a pretty long game too, with an in-game clock that spans across the ages of civilization. This game combines nostalgia, informative and educational content, and amazing gameplay into one epic package.

Crusader Kings II

What does it mean to be a king? Sure, most games will have you gathering resources and making your army larger than those of your neighboring kingdoms (always a good idea), but there is so much more to ruling a kingdom. There is also the concern of what happens after when you need to retire (or die an untimely death thanks to political intrigue –which is something that happens fairly often to kings of old). This is the game that gets you thinking, planning, and implementing strategies on how to ensure that your kingdom becomes inherited by the right heir, and still have enough good stuff for all the other heirs so they do not start trying to kill each other. CKII is an incredibly strategy game played in real time that gets players thinking about what a true long-term plan really is.

Stronghold Crusader HD

Stronghold Crusader came out as an impressively strong (and highly demanded) sequel to Stronghold. And the game was so well done that it does not need a sequel, but an HD remake. Yes folks, Stronghold Crusader is back, and you no longer have to limit yourselves to the lower resolutions of SC Extreme –this new HD release comes packed with updated HD textures, high-res sprites, and smoother animation.

The game covers the battles of the crusades, focusing on Richard the Lionhear and the Saladin of Syria. The crusader battles are top notch and the level of challenge that the game provides will make veteran players sweat. If you are a fan of great castle-siege games, this is a title you should not pass up on.

Crusader Kings Complete

Crusader Kings Complete combines the original Crusaders Kings game with the Deus Vault expansion pack. Compared to the new newer CKII, this game is a little more dated and it shows with the overall feel and design. Still, players get a good deal of gameplay with this. You start out prior to the Crusades by helping establish a Christian Dynasty in Europe and then moving on to the rest of history –the events here span across 400 years of the Crusades –from the Hundred Years War to the Mongol Wars. The combat is incredibly deep and well detailed so those of you not familiar with the Crusader Kings series will certainly find this one challenging.