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Why are castles built to be so big and tough? That is because they were made to withstand hostile attacks. Yep, if you managed to build a castle, chances are, someone will want to either take it from you, or to destroy you along with it. The opposite is also true: if your opponent has a castle, you will want to take it for yourself or bring it down if you cannot. Of course, going out on a real castle siege is not as fun as it sounds (or in any way legal), but you can fully enjoy the thrill of all the dangers that comes with owning a castle with these castle defense online games.

Top Castle Defense Online Games

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 is pretty much the best alternative you can get to clash of clans. The visuals are more serious looking instead of cartoony. The active player community is very big and continuously growing. There is a lot of stuff to unlock and discover. The best of it is that you can even take the game with you on the mobile if you want (though we still prefer the original browser version).

On the other end, it does end up feeling a little bit too by-the-numbers generic, and there is not much in terms of innovation to be found. If you have already played a lot of similar games before, TW2 is simply more of the same. But at least it gets all the basics right.

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires puts together the whole castle building and kingdom management game mechanics with an excellent RTS combat system. Battles in this game are far more enjoyable and refined that most browser based castle defense titles. Of course, you can expect that the veteran players of the game can prove to be quite tenacious and deadly competitors.

And competition is what this game has in spades. The online community for FoE is not only active, but also quite heavily leaning on the whole min-maxing way of thinking when it comes to optimizing your kingdom and battle tactics. There is good hardcore fun to be had here, but you will also need to be willing to shell out a good bit of cash if you want to stick around for the high-level game content.

Decision: Medieval

Zombies, castles, and tons of quests -if you are looking for an amazing single player game experience, Decision: Medieval is pretty much the best pick of the already great bunch that we have. The visuals are impressively well done and able to lend itself well to the gameplay. The musical score is impressive, but more so is the voice acting for the narrative. Best of all, the game itself is pretty hard to put down. Finishing one mission after another feels incredibly satisfying, and being able to brandish medieval melee weapons against the undead is strangely therapeutic.

If you have already tried out and enjoyed the core Decision trilogy, you will certainly appreciate the big change of pace and scenery in Medieval. Gone is the post-apocalyptic modern age and welcome to the medieval world full of taverns, castles, and even more undead. Though we have point out that during a zombie apocalypse, the medieval society seems far more intact than its modern day counterpart.

House of Wolves

House of Wolves is an impressive RTS game that spans only one stage but still provides the player with a ton of stuff to do. Build structures, chop lumber, farm animals, mine ore, train soldiers -it all goes hand in hand as you slowly build up a powerful army and constantly expand your base. The game manages to bring many standard RTS sensibilities to a more 2D battlefield and still turn out a good game.

While combat strategies are pretty few and far in between (mostly done by winning through sheer strength and numbers), the limitation of a 2D environment will force players to think outside the box when it comes to finding ways to expand their base without causing any unnecessary encounters.

Castle Wars 2

Castle Wars 2 is a trebuchet lovers wet dream come to life. Dozens of castles for players to destroy and lots of ammunition to throw at will. Of course, the castles are built with typical castle-crush sensibilities and that means weak-points, exposed foundations, fragile walls, and very, very, squishy humans that you need to deal with in order to successfully complete a stage.

The best part is that the castle designs are quite clever, lending a puzzle element to the game as players are forced to figure out the best and most efficient way to bring down a castle with their currently available projectiles. It takes a bit careful study, observation, trial and error, and most importantly, a little bit of luck.

Good Game Empires

We are wrapping up this list with the visually astounding Good Game Empires. In terms of animations and layout, this game is downright impressive for a browser based title. It looks like an app that was ported over to the browser complete with all animations. Of course, looking good is just one thing, playing well is another. As a game, GGE is addictive and hard to put away, but you can and you will -the F2P system feels too limiting that you cannot help but be cornered into considering making a premium purchase. The good thing is, there's a lot of great content in the game if you do decide to break the paywall, just be sure to stay within a budget.