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House of WolvesHouse of Wolves

Real time strategy games are not really common for browser based titles, and yet House of Wolves manages to deliver a pretty great and epic feeling game with its limited content. The general idea of the game is simple: defeat an enemy, win the whole game. But this is a feat that you cannot immediately achieve when you start the game -you start out with a small town, a few resources, and what is basically a tutorial stage. The cool part kicks in when you realize that you stay in this stage from the beginning of the game until the very end.

Good Game EmpireGood Game Empire

Good Game Empire is the kind of game that makes us wish that F2P Freemium content simply did not exist. GGE has a pretty great visual appeal, impressive in-game animations, a nice building system, and best of all, satisfying combat-and-conquer mechanics. The big giant flaw is when you are finally enjoying the game and your are finally making progress, there is a huge paywall that suddenly pops up to halt your progress. Not to say that shelling out for a few bonuses is a bad thing -it certainly feels like the game has earned it. But know that at one point or another, playing this game will certainly make you wonder if it is worth continuing any further.

Decision MedievalDecision Medieval

There is no doubt that the zombie thing is a pretty well used theme for modern media -after all, anything undead and infectious seems to be generating plenty of attention quick. So to know that the Decision series of games is doing well is not exactly a surprise, but what is interesting is the Medieval variant. As opposed to the more modern sensibilities of the main Decision trilogy, this game takes you away from the high powered firearms of modern times and set you up with swords, bows and arrows, battle axes, full plate armor, and more. You will still be taking on zombies, but know you get to do it up-close and personal.

Stronghold KingdomsStronghold Kingdoms

It is not easy for an F2P game to actually feel balanced -playing against players with fat credit cards is pretty much the exact opposite of the concept, but Stronghold Kingdoms not only manages to create a multiplayer environment that encourages players to work together instead of against one another, but it makes the whole build-a-kingdom concept feel very much worth it. This is the game where players will constantly message each other -and you will want that level of communication as being able to coordinate with other players is how you prosper -not by constantly topping up your premium tokens with real cash. And that is what makes this game amazing.