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Castle Wars 2 is a Fun Card Game With Some Balancing Issues

What does it take to build a fantasy castle? Plenty of soldiers? Having a powerful wizard? Having lots of resources? Castle Wars 2 takes all the typical castle building game elements and puts them all into play in a single battle card game. The graphics are a little crude and at times, lackluster, but players with a penchant for skill and strategy will be far too focused on the game's complex combat system to even care. This is a card game where you have only your wits and luck to fall back on –just the way we want our card games.

What is Castle Wars 2?

Castle Wars 2 is browser based flash card game with a medieval theme. In this game, players will fight in one-on-one battles. Both parties will have their own castle and the objective of the game is make their own castle reach 100 points or to make the opponent's castle hit 0. There are plenty of cards in play as well as resources to keep track off –two major factors of the game that is made efficient by the fact that you play it in a digital game instead of having a ton of physical tokens on the tabletop.

The gameplay is quite complex, being able to determine if you should invest in getting more resources compared to performing actions that would either help your castle or damage your opponent's is a tricky thing. The good thing is that the game is set up in such a way that a few mistakes is unlikely to cost you the whole game, still, like many card games that rely on chance, a terribly bad or incredibly good starting hand could very well determine the outcome in a few turns. This level of dynamic play is interesting though some players might prefer games where combat is necessarily longer.

How it Works

Players start out with a basic deck –the game allows you to instantly modify that deck from the very start of the game. We highly recommend playing the game for a bit before deciding to customize the deck according to your needs. Another thing to remember is that except for the last few cards in the game's library only a few are locked away (to be opened by playing the game and finishing both normal and hard modes). Completionists should be warned that the hard mode unlocks are separate from the normal mode, so it is actually more advantageous to finish normal before going into hard.

The turn based combat allows for only one action per turn –which is limited to playing one card or by disposing cards (up to three cards can be disposed in a turn). The effects of cards vary in various ways –they can increase or decrease the HP of castles or walls, they can add or destroy resources, or they can increase or decrease the rate of resources being earned. It sounds a little weird on paper, but once you start playing it all beings to make sense. The key is to constantly adapt your strategy, while aiming for a specific goal –destroy the enemy castle, or build your own castle, will work in the basic battles, expect it to be much different in hard mode.

Hard Mode and Multiplayer

The real charm of the game is seen when playing the multiplayer and hard modes. The big catch with multiplayer is that this is a pretty old game so finding opponents is not as easy. The good part is that since this is a free game, referring it to friends and playing with them is always an option. The single player campaign's hard mode on the other hand, provides a challenge based on the fact that the computer starts out with better stats that you –it has higher resources in reserve and also some cards that are still locked. There is a lot of luck involved in winning against the computer in this mode, but it is still possible. While somewhat frustrating at times, completing the game's hard mode is very satisfying.

The Verdict: Not to Be Underestimated

For a browser based card game, Castle Wars 2 is incredibly well done. The only sad thing is that the graphics are not all that grand or impressive and the developer could certain use the aid of a good designer. That aside however, almost everything about the gameplay is very well done. The cards are nicely balanced that players can create plenty of unique decks and never feel entirely outclassed as long as they plan their card choices properly.