Crush the Castle 2 Game

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Crush the Castle 2 is a Short Ballistic Game That is Worth Your Time

Castles! They are big, they are tough, and when you send ‘em crumbling down, it feels outright satisfying. Crush the Castle 2 once again allows you to hurl chunks of logs, rocks, bombs, and even a few elementally charged projectiles at strangely designed castles. There’s also a bit of a backstory to the game which continues from the previous one –but fear not first time players, there is not much in terms of continuity to care about and the only thing that matters in this game is that you smash up the castles and its inhabitants.

What is Crush the Castle 2?

Crush the Castle 2 is a ballistic castle-smashing game where you control a trebuchet and destroy castles with it. There are no opposing forces and your ammunition is unlimited so destroying castles is a simple matter of hurling enough objects at it. The main goal of the game, however, is not just wanton destruction. Instead, this game is all about efficient castle inhabitant extermination. You need to kill all the people in the castle in as few attacks as possible. And this is where the game’s real charm lies.

Who Builds These Castles?

Obviously, the castles in this game are anything but realistic. They are too wobbly and have structural weaknesses that would put the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port to shame. But that’s the sheer point of the game, you need to hit those sweet spots in order to effectively take down the castles.

The good thing is that players are given a wide range of items to throw. Single logs, multiple boulders that roll on the floor, bombs that have detonators (so you can control when they explode), vials of fire to burn down wooden stuff –in the very end of the game, you even get a void-creating projectile that creates a mini-black hole that sucks in anything nearby.

The crazy castle designs are also the main game’s puzzle and challenge. You need to determine which set of projectiles will work best for which type of castle. Some are pretty obvious –like a fully metal castle that you can zap with the lightning vial in order to electrocute the people inside. Some are also pretty challenging and have not-outright obvious solutions –this is especially true for castles that are to be taken down in two shots instead of just one.

The best thing about the game is that the puzzles are not clear cut –sure, a fire vial might be the perfect way to burn through the castle’s lower foundations. But you can also toss a well placed bomb on the roof and see what that does. Solving the whole “kill all people in X attacks” problem is not always defined by a single answer. And the fact that the game encourages players to try to find their own clever ways of solving the problem is a great thing.

The Verdict: These Castles Need Crushing

If you have a bit of time to spare and are hankering for a good quick game that requires a little bit of skill and strategy, this game is perfect. You can finish it in a couple of hours and you will feel very satisfied at the end of it. Maybe there’s just something really fun about watching collapsible structures go down when you toss a few boulders at it, maybe it’s fun experimenting with the acid vial. One way or another, Crush the Castle 2 is bound to tickle your fancy.