Decision Medieval Game

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Decision Medieval is a Zombie Game that Plays Like a Traditional RPG

Dealing with zombies has always been a matter of doing as many headshots as you can –popping out zombie noggins to whack their brains is the certified way to defeat these undead creepers. But what will you do in a world where gun powder is only kept in exploding barrels? Welcome to Decision Medieval, where your answer to every single zombie problem is a quick slash of a broadsword into the face. This is a game that will take you away from modern day guns and get you well acquainted with ye ole weapons of war, and it is plenty of fun.

What is Decision Medieval?

Decision Medieval is a free, flash based browser game, where you play as a fighter in a zombie-infested kingdom. With your trusty sword by your side, you set out to the lands killing zombies, rescuing townsfolk, rebuilding broken structures, establishing new defenses, and helping out the living in any way you can. The whole medieval thing is played to heavily –combat is melee based, and while you can have a bow and arrow, it does not work as effectively as the higher tier melee weapons.

The game lives up to the whole “Decision” theme by allowing the players to determine how to progress the game. Various missions can be taken in order to save the kingdom, and it is up to you to decide which course of action will be prioritized. You can focus on making your own character stronger and better against zombies, you can invest your resources in making the land less dangerous, you can opt to seek out upgrades before new weapons –it all depends on how you want to play the game.

Melee and Zombies

Yes, zombie bites are scary. But you can also dish out a lot of punishment with large swords and big axes –you just need to mind the cooldown for swinging the weapons. The bow and arrow is useful in the early stages for keeping the zombies down without having to be exposed to danger. But the bow’s low firing rate and 70% gold gain is far too inefficient on the later stages that switching to a melee weapon makes more sense.

Movement and cooldown are the two big factors that players should focus on –zombies cannot hurt you if you avoid their very limited attacks. So it becomes something akin to a dance –you move in to strike while quickly moving away before the zombies can retaliate. It can be a slow and difficult process, but it is something you can get used to over time. The best part of it is that it feels very natural. We do suggest that players use the second “click to attack” mouse option instead of “click to move and attack” default setting.

So Many Ghouls

Unlike most genres, zombies are quite a solid fit for the fantasy/medieval theme. The undead are basically ghouls –much like the stereotypical skeleton enemies, zombies are a staple enemy of the medieval fantasy genre. So bashing them should feel very familiar for anyone who has played a typical RPG title before. And considering how Decision’s game mechanics are laid out, it truly feels like a regular RPG. You rescue and escort NPCs, pick up items for side-objectives, do inventory management in the tavern, recruit and train militiamen, set up archers, ballistas, and catapults, you fight orcs –most of these are staples of a standard medieval game and creates a very solid atmosphere for the game’s players.

The Verdict: Forget Headshots

The cool thing about Decision: Medieval is the fact that it manages to appeal to both zombie fans and fans of traditional medieval RPG games. It is packed with quests, locations to explore, and content to unlock. Your character growth is well paced –you earn enough gold to progress through the upgrade tree, but not too much to make the game feel easy. Best of all, it all looks pretty good despite being a browser game. Sure, the UI can get a little cooky at times (especially when trying to highlight stuff in the tavern menus), but overall, it feels neat and the actual gameplay visuals are pretty impressive. If you are looking for a good browser game that features zombies, you cannot go wrong with this.