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Good Game Empire: Nice Animations, Still Pay to Win

There is a pretty big conundrum to be faced when playing Good Game Empire –on one hand, you have the usually problems of an F2P title; the highly competitive multiplayer scene where paying more is what gets you closer to victory over skill and tactics, and of course, the implementation of outright money-grabs that just feel insulting. At the same time, you have a game that is actually very fun to play thanks to the great streamlining of the how things progress (pretty fast), how the visuals look (very good), and the fact that it can keep you occupied that time just flies away.

What is Good Game Empire?

Good Game Empire is a typical, build your own kingdom then attack other players kind of game. It is an online game so you can expect that it will continue to progress and evolve regardless if you are playing actively or not. You start out simple, building houses, giving your population things to do while you learn how it all works. As you progress, your spearman will help you get around and conquer castles –which is a good way to earn resources faster. And then you can get a quest to rescue a Princess –who pretty much serves as your queen.

It all sounds good at the start, but once things start piling up, this game’s need for premium currency, rubies, becomes the one thing you are forced to think about. Cannot build more than a single building at once? Use rubies to speed it up or increase the queue (by adding another slot). Troops too weak? Use rubies to speed up the research of new stuff (after you build the necessary tower for researching upgrades). And that Princess will be the source of new resource-worries as well –expect her to drown you with constant ‘buildings need upgrades’ notifications.

The Multiplayer World

Good Game Empire is competitive, very competitive. The top players are fighting it out pretty often and most of the game’s guilds have quotas. While there are a few player groups that provide more relaxed setups, do not expect them to provide you with support if your kingdom gets ransacked by another player.

On the other hand, if this kind of gameplay is what makes you smile, then you will enjoy the many PVP-themed aspects of the game. You can send out spies in order to scout out the defenses of your targets. You can amass huge numbers of troops in order to overwhelm your target. You can coordinate with your guild alliance in order to deal some serious damage. Of course, expect to shell out a bit for some ruby-assisted boosts as well.

The Verdict: Paid Single Player Would Be Nice

As impressed as we are by the overall look and feel of Good Game Empire, at the end of the day, it is still an F2P that is burdened by too many freemium flaws. That said, we would certainly love to see a paid standalone version of this game that allows you to play it in single player mode and just focusing on building and expanding your kingdom. It looks great after all, and the interface is well designed, and the gameplay itself would be quite fun if it were not for the little force-you-to-pay mechanics put in.