House of Wolves Game

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House of Wolves is an Epic Browser 2D RTS

There is a staple of tutorials for RTS games –you get your initial building and resource gathering units, and maybe learn how to make a few attackers to see how combat works. House of Wolves starts out the same way. But unlike other RTS game where you progress from one stage to the next, this game is just one extremely long stage that spans from the start to the very end of the game. Yes, the same buildings and units you have at the tutorial will serve as the foundation for everything else you build.

What is House of Wolves?

House of Wolves is a real time strategy game by Armor Games that provides the player with a single objective in order to finish the game: defeat the main boss. The catch is that you cannot just send off all your troops. In between you and the main boss are lots of enemy waves and preset hostile units present in the map. You must carefully and strategically expand your army in both directions before finally amassing a strong enough force to win the game.

It is fun and entertaining how you will be constantly sending out your troops in order to gather more resources. While trees are quick to regrow (for lumber) and you can have animal farms (to generate meat), the rest of the game’s other resources are not that easy to acquire. This means seeking out gold, stone ore, and more –so that you can unlock new structures to train better troops.

The Long Game

Do not expect to finish this game in one sitting –which is a pretty interesting concept for a flash game. The good news is that there is a save system in-play that allows you to resume your progress when you get back to the game. While most flash games are best consumed in a the span of a single sitting, this game manages to offer a pretty great experience that the added game time is not a bad thing.

Expanding your base to the left will have you facing giant spiders, shamanic trolls and more. Basically the usual fare of fantasy-genre monsters, but it also makes for good training as you get to learn how the AI behaves and acts in the game. This is where you learn how to control your troops properly, and how to send them into charges while minimizing casualties. Not to say that these hostiles are easy pickings –they get more powerful with each group that you wipe out. Pretty soon you will need some beefed up soldiers and upgraded archers to fight them instead of sticking to the usual plan of overwhelming the enemies with hordes of cheaply bought spearmen.

The Verdict: It Feels New

This game is a homage; and that is why House of Wolves does not have that many people claiming that it is a rip-off of games like Warcraft, Starcraft, or Command & Conquer. The little quotes that units say when you click them? The various resources you need to ferry back and forth? The move-attack-stop-build command layout? These are staples of RTS games and they are implemented in this game in a clever manner. If you love RTS games, grew up on them, and appreciate the little things that makes each one unique, then appreciating House of Wolves will come naturally to you.