Sieger 2 Rebuilt to Destroy Game

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Sieger 2: Rebuilt is a Time Efficient Castle Destruction Game

We understand the fun that comes from games like Angry Birds –you toss stuff at targets and you hope to get lots of damage. But really, the whole arching trajectory thing is pretty boring at times. While it seems designed to be used with skill, it just ends up being a matter of luck. And then we have games like Sieger 2: Rebuilt, which is a game with exactly the same goals (efficiently kill all the folks inside a castle), but without the unnecessary calculations. You click, you fire, it hits. The shots are accurate and missing is pretty much impossible. This is the castle fight game you want when wasting time is not an option.

What is Sieger 2: Rebuilt?

Sieger 2: Rebuilt is a game about destroying castles. The game's stages are stand-ins for actual historical conflicts –such as Battle of Beijing, the Siege of Antalya, the Fall of Constantinople and more. Of course, the game is not a recreation of historical events –you just smash up castles that have no direct relation to the conflict they represent. Still, the game is quite fun and entertaining, as the castles are made of many separate piece piled on top of each other and you must effectively make use of available weaponry in order to kill all the targets available.

If that was not complex enough, later stages will provide you with both targets and units to protect, which means that complete and utter destruction is not the only thing you should be thinking about, it is also about being able to control whatever chaos you can cause.

The Fun in Restraint?

In most games, babysitting NPCs is a difficult task, these units tend to be really weak and die easily. The same applies to Sieger –but their frailty is the same as every single enemy in the game and being able to keep them alive is the kind of challenge that makes this game more clever than the other titles in the genre. The best part is that you can play around with the different available weapons that you are provided with –sometimes you will need them to get the gold rank, sometimes, you can find your own solution to the problem at hand. Either way, the game is fair when presenting challenges, and this is a great exercise in trial and error.

The Verdict: Try it for Quick Fun

Visually, this game can do a little better, the sprites are not animated, the textures are simple, and much of the interface feels like it has been scrapped together. But good visuals are not the point of the game, instead, it focuses on the gameplay –which is much easier to appreciate.

Games like Sieger do not have much in terms of lifespan –you can accomplish the 32 stages it provides in an hour or two, but that is a couple of hours well spend. The game is not bloated with pointless content –you turn it on and play, that is as simple as it gets. There is not even a prerequisite tutorial stage, players get hop into the game and enjoy it for what it is. The game gets more interesting once you get past the initial simpler stages and provides you with brain-teasing problems, and that is where Sieger 2: Rebuilt shines the best.