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Stronghold Kingdoms: The F2P Castle Game That Will Command Your Attention

Playing Stronghold Kingdoms feels amazing, you open up the game and watch as your sleepy little medieval kingdom comes alive. Livestock, people, and troops move about the place, little bits of animation adds life to buildings, and you will be constantly checking up on messages that other players send you. Yes, this is a game where you not only check in to update your queued building tasks, but also to stay in touch with the other kingdoms near yours.

What is Stronghold Kingdoms?

Stronghold Kingdoms is a free-to-play standalone medieval-castle building game. In SK, players are put in control of a small kingdom in Europe alongside the rest of the other players –each kingdom you see is run by a different person. But instead of the usually, make a strong army and attack everyone approach, this game provides players with the ability to work alongside each other.

Much like real life, the most acceptable way to progress in this game is through commerce, not combat. You must learn how to make use of trade, understand how the laws of supply and demand affect prices, and how to best utilize whatever resources you may have. If you and another player flood the market with one specific crop, expect that neither of you will be getting much profit as the buying prices will drop a lot. Instead, players must learn to work around the system and with each other.

How it Works

Much like other kingdom managing game –players are tasked with building basic structures, farming resources, researching upgrades, and more. There is a basic building system that can be expanded (the paid purchase for a queue is pretty much worth it), and there are a ton of other in-game content worth learning about. Even after more than a week in this game, expect to still find things that are new and worth knowing. That is how deep it is. ‘

Of course, this level of complexity will certainly scare off or alienate players looking for something shallow or simple. There is even an entire wiki page that is pretty much required reading for anyone wanting to play Stronghold Kingdoms seriously. Our suggestion is to stick first with your immediate group of shared-border players –they can either teach you how things work, or if they are also new, you can learn together. Being able to establish a good relationship with your kingdom's neighbors is much needed in order to progress.

The biggest and most important part of the game is it's highly active player community. While there are some dead or abandoned accounts, most of the kingdoms you will encounter will be full of players who are pretty active. Sometimes, it actually makes sense to set up your kingdom in an area where you are near other players who live in the same time-zone as you do. The bottom line is that this game is designed in a way that progress is most efficient when you work alongside other kingdoms –and that is one pretty good life lesson that every player should learn.

How it Looks and Plays

The aesthetics of Stronghold Kingdoms is very oldschool –the graphics would feel right at home with an old Pentium-era game. This bodes well for the gameplay as the developers were smart enough to make the in-game mechanics feel like something that would fit right in with games like Civilization.

Of course, there is a bigger focus on the whole castle-building here, especially in regards to creating defenses for your side of the fence. Aside from the area where you can have crops and other resources, there is a dedicated part of the player map designated for the castle –you must build upon here and constantly upgrade, each tier unlocking plenty of new content for players to slowly comb through.

And combing through is important as this game is highly complex. The buying and selling system is enough to make players understand the laws of economics. Prices shift and change depending on that goods are put into the market –too much of one thing ruins the value for all and too little of another can ridiculously affect the inflation. Players also get involved in inter-player politics –who votes for who, did you send spies to someone else's kingdom, did you flood the market with wheat. Everything you do can and will affect the players around you, so be sure to play nice and learn about what consequences your decisions can have before making them.

Still F2P

While well balanced and fun to play, Stronghold Kingdoms still has a few F2P quirks that makes it hard to deal with at times. The long wait times for one, are going to make the need for a queue quite a practical choice. Speeding up research, building, and other actions can also be expedited with credits. The good thing is that these features never feel forced on you.

The Verdict: Surprisingly Good

The F2P label may make us wary about the game, but it managed to fix that issue fast. There is depth in this game, and it will take more than a simple bag of premium credits for players to fully appreciate it. You can enjoy this game fully even if you only pay out once (for the extended building queue). The best part is that the game's most motivating element, dealing with other players is a strong dynamic component that has no price tag attached.

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