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Crusader Kings 2

It has been a while since Crusader Kings II was launched and until now, very few games share the depth of gameplay that it offers. The deal with Crusader Kings II is the fact that it is not your typical build-a-castle game. Instead, this is all about securing the heritage you will eventually pass on. How does a kingdom survive when your heirs are trying to divvy up the land? Which lands will be given to which heirs? Can you ensure the prosperity of your kingdom even when you are no longer around? This is a game where you no longer control a character –it is about managing generations of the ruling family.

Release Date:14th February 2012

Available on: Linux, Mac, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.1/5

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Visually, this game is complex –most of the content is menu driven with only a map that helps you determine the general layout of the land and how large each location is. In between, you have menus that allow you to check who your heirs are, who your daughters can marry (and you will want to have a hand in who they marry), as well as what lands you are gaining and which ones you may eventually lose.

This is a very deep game with so many layers that it is simply like no other game. This becomes more palpable when you actually get to play the game and get used to the system –its in-game jargon starts to become more natural and you are able to start realizing how each set of the game’s variables can help shape and mold the eventual outcome. All that is made even better by the fact that everything you do is done without the game-time pausing. There is a real pressure to make decisions and sometimes, take risks –which is a huge part of why this game is so exciting and fun to play.


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Crusader Kings 2 is developed by Paradox Development Studio.

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