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Crusader Kings Complete

When someone speaks of knights, tales of the Crusades are certainly not far behind. And why not –these religiously inclined military operations have had a significant impact on how Christianity is the religion that it is today. Players start out from the ground up –building their own empire and dynasty by constructing cathedrals, castles, and all the things that make up a prospering kingdom. Then you proceed to engage in historic battles, such as the Hundred Year War and slowly work your way through centuries of medieval combat.

Crusader Kings is pretty well known for its impressive combat mechanics –war is not so easily fought. Castle sieges, charges, and other military maneuvers should be carefully planned and executed in order to achieve victory. Players are encouraged to plan each move they make with care and consideration –it is an amazing thinking man’s game that is full to the brim with little details and features that medieval history fans are sure to love.

Release Date: 14/02/2012

Available on: PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.0/5

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The kingdom management system alone provide substantial gameplay depth: players have to manage the morale of their people in order to ensure the stability of income through taxes. And of course, you cannot tax the people unless you give them means by which to prosper. Establishing laws and taxes are critical for funding the crusades after all.

For an old game, Crusader Kings has managed to age pretty well. While not as impressive as the sequel, Cursader Kings II, the original game still deserves playing through as it focuses on an era and timeline that is not much explored in many other medieval game titles. Also, the ability to choose between the various religious groups –Knights of St. John, The Order of Calatrava, The Order of Santiago, and of course, the ever famous Knight’s Templar’s will give players unique perspectives and insights into who these various groups were and what role they played in the establishment of the church.


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