Medieval 2 Total War Game Review

Medieval 2 Total War

Medieval II: Total War is as much an update to the original Medieval game as it is an addition to the Total War series. Those who have played the first game will already know what to expect, but those who have only been familiar with Rome: Total War or are new to the series will appreciate that Medieval II takes on a life of its own in terms of gameplay and delivery.

Visually, Medieval II is one of the best in the Total War series. This is particularly tangible when you engage in combat. The viewpoint shifts from the regular world map view and provides players with an up close look at their armies charging into battle. Watching your bannermen hold your kingdom’s crest in the air as they advance upon your enemies is a sight to behold, making it truly feel that each of the decisions and actions you take have true weight.

Release Date:13th November 2006

Available on: Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.4/5

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The setting of the game is pretty big and spans the entirety of the Age of Chivalry where medieval knights have played very important roles. The most notable is the battles related to religion, where knights were sent to the Holy Land. Aside from that players also engage in political battles where the religious powers in Rome clash with the city states and kingdoms of its neighbors. The game mostly focuses in the European area, but it also features some events on the other side of the pond.

Overall, the Medieval II: Total War is a grand game that lets you create capital kingdoms and neighboring towns to form complex economical networks that will keep your army fed and funded. You can also work together and form alliances with those around you instead of fighting your way to victory. Religion and politics go hand in hand as those ruling the church also have a strong influence and power in their own right. It is up to the players to balance these and ensure their own victory in the game.


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Medieval 2 Total War is developed by The Creative Assembly.

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