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Stronghold Crusader

This is Stronghold Crusader HD, a game where you start off building your kingdom, assembling your knights, and then take part in one of the longest running medieval era military campaigns: the Crusades (hence the title). This is no simple game, the original Stronghold is known for its incredibly deep combat and strategy mechanics and it makes sense that Crusader offers much of the same, if not more. Expect your troops to come up against massive fortifications and defenses as you dig deep into the game’s various features and units in order to create an effective winning plan.

Release Date: 31st July 2002

Available on: Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 3.9/5

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The original game is pretty old, with the most recent pre-HD still a far cry from full 1080p. That concern is all gone now. The new HD version of the game sports incredibly well updated visuals that make good use of the upscaling. The animations are incredibly smooth and fun to watch to well. This all makes the game’s combat mechanics feel even more alive as you watch your soldiers fire clusters of arrows into enemy forts. The various visual effects likes fire and smoke have also been smoothened out to merge well with the rest of everything.

Do not mistake Stronghold Crusader HD for a simple game however, combat here is not so straightforward and there are a lot of menu options for players to dig into. Aside from managing your troops in battle, your own kingdom has its own set of needs, and you need to ensure that your citizens are happy and have high morale –more than just keeping them clothed, fed, and sheltered, they need to be living substantially well that they can start filling up your coffers with taxes, which in then turn allows you to fund the needs of your army.


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Stronghold Crusader is developed by Firefly Studios.

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